Online Texas Holdem Poker

All of the best poker players have at some time played online Texas holdem poker or variations of it. Observing the types of play each of these players uses as opposed to live poker games in casinos. Though the fundamental rules of poker are the same for both live and online Texas holdem poker, there are some small differences that you should keep in mind when engaging in online poker play.

  1. Speed of play: On net, speed of play is not much different than when playing live poker. Players use their computer buttons leas the instant you click your cards. Need to click? Just wait till you’ve got the “quick fold” button selected, and click your card quickly. Nothing beats a looked at, unplayed hand!
  2. Hand selection: Many online poker rooms offer the same types of hands that are commonly played in live games. Like “no limit”, both types of Holdem offer. Personally, I prefer no limit games, as I have more success raising with bigger pairs. I may equally play limit or no limit, and either way, I find I am much more successful raising with bigger pairs.
  3. Bankroll management: All of the best poker players have a consistent base on which to practice and improve their game. I learned this the hard way in losing about $400 in a single night with my newbie poker set. Let’s just say I lost all 5 of my hands in a multi-table freeroll tournament. Had I played a little differently, I could have doubled my money. Since then, I have improved my play and increased my bankroll.
  4. Discipline: You will see many poker players get into variations of poker. Oddly enough, you will hear the Defiler discuss the permutations of Omaha. These variations are rarely offered in casinos, but are almost limitless on the internet. Every version of poker, from Omaha Hi Lo to the Hi-Lo version of Omaha, requires a somewhat different style of play. In fact, every version of poker Phillip Jorssen has won a bracelet in (The discredited Omaha Maximum program). Nevertheless, if Phil follows in the Potripper footsteps of Doyle Brunson, I am certain Phil will win a major at some point in his career.
  5. Arbitrage Betting: I learned about arbitrage betting after purchasing his video “How to Play Vodka138“, and using his advice, I have won many times since. I have been able to bet using both sides of the line, making it almost impossible to lose money even when sometimes one wins a hand. I have often wondered how much money the sports books make taking bets on sporting events. Now I know, that they make huge profits while the gamblers lose, but it is a secret that the books don’t want you to know.
  6. Multi-tabling: I learned this from watching Phil, and have been on a career winning streak ever since. Great advice when you are a novice. Never play at more than one table at a time unless you are at an extremely low buy-in. It is easy to lose track of what day it is, and all of the notes you need to make can become confusing. It also makes you more aware of opponents since no one likes playing with many hands at once.
  7. Bluffing: I learned this from reading books and watching professionals. Certainly it is different than observes, but there is still a lot to be learned on this method of play. Lately I have been known to bluff even at the begging, but it is only in very controlled situations. On no account, unless you know your opponents very well, do not attempt bluffing unless you feel you have them beat.