A Loose Aggressive Hold Em Poker Tournament Strategy That Works!

Not every loose aggressive Hold Em Poker tournament strategy will win you 1st place. It sucks, huh? Well read this article for one that works!

An Easy To Implement Loose Aggressive Hold Em Poker Tournament Strategy In 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Take Advantage Of Tight Players

The biggest mistake most people make in poker is they think tight players are predictable. Well although they are predictable, they are not actually hard to beat.

It’s just a matter of paying close attention and identifying their habits. They feel the need to be tight so they bet and raise with mediocre hands. They will do this with mediocre hands because they don’t want you to get a draw, or they don’t want you to develop a good hand in the middle rounds of the game.

They have a tight aggressive tournament strategy because they don’t want you to develop a solid hand and call them with hands that aren’t good.

  1. Assess Which Players Are Tight

A solid tournament strategy is to start off by not being too concerned with who is in the blind and who is playing at different positions. Instead focus more on the tight players to your immediate left and right.

When you play at a table you should be playing tight. If you are playing tight and other players are playing loose just avoid them. You want to target the tighter players.

Just target those players over to your right, where you can see what cards they have.

  1. Take Notes On Players

When you play multiple tables you will come across a lot of players who have no idea how to play. It’s a lot of work to keep up to speed with what everyone else is doing. You will want to use this time to take notes on each player.

Write everything down, their name, how they play, what cards they play, how aggressively they bet etc.

This is a key part of implementing a loose aggressive Hold Em DewaPoker tournament strategy because it helps you identify your opponents.

If you can identify a certain player, you can tighten up against them. Maybe you can even turn a hand you folded or a hand you are calling into a hand you can win. How? Lets use an example of one of my opponents from a big tournament.

I took him to the final 2 as a result of his loose aggressive tournament strategy. We were on the button, everything was going smoothly, he introduced a slightucker in Omaha, he tried to steal the blind, and overall he was having a lot of hot flops.

This player wasn’t doing anything wrong in any one specific hand, but he was definitely the type of player that I could beat. As I deployed the strategy against him, I noticed he always folded when a hot flop came his way. What this meant was that he didn’t like to bet his chips against a hot flop.

Whenever you are playing tight, and you get a really hot flop, whether you have something or not, you want to be able to protect your hand. That means if the flop comes and its a really cold flop, you aren’t going to raise or get pushed out in front of your stack. Why? Because you want your opponent to have to call a large raise to beat you.

This is the essence of the loose aggressive tournament strategy. You are just constantly picking out the spots and situations to beat your opponents with a better hand. The tighter you are, the safer you are, because you are not putting in a large raise.

When you are playing loose, you are in a lot more hands, and your opponents know that. That means they are going to get Inquiries made by your opponents as to why they beat you with what they had, which is usually a really good hand. Be careful because your competition will be using this against you to get them to the final table where they are going to end up taking a lot of your chips!