Win at keno

Winning at keno is not impossible if you know how to play the game well. Contrary to popular belief that it is impossible to win at keno because the numbers are drawn randomly, actually everything can be drawn randomly when played properly. If you want to win at keno and win big, I am sure that you will find a few things worth learning.

The Game

In Chinese lottery called keno, the numbers are selected by rolling a dice determined by the amount of deposits. The player is assured of a hundred percent chance of winning in keno. Keno is played in many casinos over the world. A “race” must be betted on in order to play the game. If a player selects ten $1 tickets when the limit is $5, and if the player wins the bet, then he/she wins $10. This is actually one of the only ways you could win at keno!

The odds

If you believe the common opinion that keno must be near impossible to win, you are mistaken. When you play keno correctly, you have nearly 70% chance of winning, and the odds tend to even out around the 70% mark. How exactly to win at keno is however a great challenge.

Some statistics

You have to bear in mind that the numbers in keno are largely predictable, therefore it is possible to identify the winning numbers by taking a look at some statistics. When you play keno, you are almost certainly to hit at around 71 or 72 percent of your throws. This means that the odds are in your favor to win at least $1 a round as you play.

The Odds

But if the odds arelet to be, you still have to avail of themin order to double your money. One way to play is to bet on 5 numbers, and bet on as many numbers as you can afford. This way, you can roughly get a $1 profit for your $1 bet each time you hit the numbers.

The trick is to bet on several numbers instead of one. Double your stakes and bet on 8, 10, 11, etc. This way, you can expand your winnings. There are even systems that offer real-time keno odds calculations that let you win $1000 a day!

Going the extra mile

Many casinos including Vegas USA Casino and Lucky Lady Casino, allow players to indulge in additional bonuses like the temptations and giveaways offered in their casino. By visiting some of the online casinos, you can avail of additional bonuses and promotional giveaways.

In addition, some online casinos are now gradually moving to the private online pokerrepublik rooms. This is a good option for gamblers who play online casino games for a living. The private casino rooms provide bigger bonuses, prizes and bonuses on deposits. Once you are a member, you get a comp point added to your payouts and major profit margins of the online casinos are turned into private pockets.

In other words, if you have enough money to make it your livelihood, you can enjoy the perks that the casinos have to offer!