When to Bubble in Poker

If you’re just learning to play poker, you should never assume that you will be the one to bust out of the tournament. You want to learn the right way and be the last one standing, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. So when to bubble in poker?

This is a question that all of the best players answer.

When you’re the chip leader.

There’s nothing worse than being the chip leader and having someone bust out. You are supposed to be ahead; stay ahead of the blinds and antes, and be ahead of the curve in every way. You are guaranteed to have the best hand at every point, the blinds just keep getting higher and higher, but they’re not going to eat up your stack overnight.

When you have more than a hand or two.

Sure, I understand that playing tight and folding a lot of hands is what takes it out of you. But you have got to have some hands in your arsenal. Don’t be so casual with your hands, especially early on. In a 9-player Turbo, there’s a real chance that someone is preying on your hand. I would suggest that you don’t play to many of them, unless you have pocket Jacks or higher cards. And if you do get a good hand, there’s always the possibility that someone will be betting.

When you’re the favorite.

You might be playing tight, but you’re not sure if you’re the favorite. This is especially true in a Turbo where the chances of being eliminate are greater. If you have people limping in ahead of you, you should raise to weed out the competition. If you’re not sure, raise anyway, to get more people in. In a 9-player Turbo, you want to be the only dog in the pot.

When you’re not sure.

Look, you have to play Turbo tournaments, and you have to play them the right way. If you’re not sure what to do, feel free to make the calls and turnovers in theuster room. Heck, if I’m in the middle of a poker tournament, I can play a quick game of putt. Short-handed, I only recommend getting out if you have a pocket and a good kicker. If you call, especially with ace or king, you’re giving away 20% of your stack. If you make a bad call, especially with ace or king, you’re giving away another 20% of your stack. Only play good hands; don’t be afraid to get out if the cards aren’t good. And if you call, especially with ace or king, you’re giving away only 20% of your stack. The ideal situation is to be the dog in a coin flip situation.

What to do?What to do?How did your results on the day turn out? Did you play perfectly? Everyone has a day. No poker player is perfect, so you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet. There are two ways to be good at poker; practice and patience. The pro’s plays lots of poker, takes a lot of notes, learns from others mistakes and he changes his approach with each game. If you just start out with a deposit of $100, you will probably end up with around $1,000 within a month. That’s perfectly fine. With any poker deposit bonus, the key is to work hard, and be patient. If you pay attention, you will end up faster than the other guy.