How to Play the Cleopatra Video Slot Machine

The Cleopatra Video Slot Machine is one of the many slot machines that allow you to use your skills to spin the reels to get five spins to win. This slot machine is one of the more popular online slot machines available these days and it allows you to get a lot of practice before you actually put down your money. The Cleopatra Video Slot Machine is a machine that was based on the real life Celebrity Cleopatra, the name of the woman who was said to have starred in over 100 films and earned $2 billion in the process. This slot machine is one of the most popular online slot machines in the UK, and is licensed for use in casinos throughout the world.

The slot machine has a touch screen that has various production values. The touch screen includes company information, credits, coins etc. along with the option to hold four, eight or twelve coins per spin. To add to the entertainment value of playing online slot machine games, you can choose from Succeeding Star,adding Profit,Theansituation andfree spins.

The Cleopatra Video Slot Machine is one of the known online slot machines, that is played through the internet. This online slot machine game features the real life Cleopatra theme with over 80 multi hand video levels that will keep you entertained. Each hand will feature over 12 million possible combinations that will make you earn decent money.

The slot machine has various payout rates and you can gamble at different rates according to your wish. You can find the payout rates when you click on the pay tables button. The game is of exceptional quality and the audio and visual effects are of the highest quality.

The game will make you earn good money if you are going to bet $0.50 or $1.00 per spin. There are certain playing levels that will require different wages, the levels are as follows:

  • none: use any wage.
  • nickel: use 25 cents per spin.
  • pence: use 50 cents per spin.
  • cent: use 75 cents per spin.
  • The levels are also broken down into bonus spins, progressive jackpot, wild symbols and scatter symbols. The bonus spins are the initial spins where you will find the feature producing the bonus symbols. The progressive jackpot is the additional spins that will enhance the bonus effect that will feature up to five consecutively grow symbols in the center of the screen. On the other hand, the wild symbols can be used to substitute any symbols in the middle of the screen, including the loser symbols. The scatter symbols are the symbols that can be changed in appearance and function, the Cleopatra symbols, wild symbol, Cleopatra wild symbol and scatter symbol.

The Cleopatra Video Naga303 machine can be operated with tokens or with coins. However, with the coin version, there will be an upper and lower coin denomination slots. The machine accepts coins of the following colors: blue, white, red, green, yellow, black, silver, platinum, diamond and emerald. One-roll bets can be made per spin when the maximum coin denomination is 7 coins per spin. You can bet max. per spin or max. on the first spin and second spin respectively.