How Do I Play poker

Sometimes AK can really be a pain. Every time I play poker online I have a hard time with AK. Every time I have a big hand with AK I lose. So how do I play AK and win?

First of all you need to be heads-up and in position with AK. Being heads-up and in position is very important because you are looking to hit a monster hand. You need to raise pre-flop when you have AK and you need to bet out after the flop. Most of the time you will get a call and if you do not make a hand then most likely your opponent will check it down, giving you a great opportunity to make some money on the flop. If your opponent calls you is another story. You need to make a continuation bet about three quarters of the pot size and most often they will either let you bet it all the way to the river or they will bet the river and you just take the pot.

If you ever get re-raised with AK then you need to shut it down right away. Any hand that you have that good should be played in position for at least AK. With any other hand AK is never a good hand. AK is a great hand and it will win some situations but you cannot coast because its just a hand. You really need to push pre-flop and you can’t be scared to get out of AK because someone re-raised you.

If you are playing Dominobet and you do not have a good pre-flop hand then you will mostly likely end up blowing your whole stack competing with some player in late position. This happens to the best of us. AJ is a better hand but sometimes AK just makes me want to fold. Of course I will still try to win but I will not push all in trying to get the ace and the straight. I want to conserve my chips and my bankroll for probably the worst hand I will have all day. Of course playing AK aggressively all the time will lose you a lot of blinds in short order. You will be forced to play other hands just to keep the pressure on and to survive.

If you are honestly struggling with the Hands rank problem then you really need to evaluate what it is you are doing wrong. Are you playing the correct stack sizes? How are your opponents playing? Is everyone kind of playing the same way? If you aren’t playing the correct stack sizes for your table then you are playing the wrong game. This probably should not be a surprise to you since the true experts rarely play correctly. The Hands rank problem is the result of playing the wrong cards all the time. Expert players play very different hands and they are good at different things. They win because they are better at handling a wide range of hands than an amateur player. You can not be one of those players. FB/PSH is a great game because everyone can win. You need to develop you skills but you need practice bankroll management. Professional Poker means you need to earn your way to success. It is not easy but it can be done. If you are a fish and you cannot adjust to fish or you are a shark then you are a problem.